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The International Database of Licensed Music (IDBLM), is an initiative aimed at promoting transparency in music licensing. Our mission is to add value to legitimate music by providing a fast, easy, and effective mechanism to verify the legality of each music release. The database provides a public record of licensed works and displays the proof of licensing obtained for each release.

Verify Legitimacy
When artists use music content owned by someone else, they must obtain permission from the copyright holder, also known as a music license. Legitimate artists obtain music licenses whenever required by law. Until now, they had no public forum to display their proof of licensing. Now, they can submit their licensing for inclusion in IDBLM. Once registered, copyright holders, publishers, fans, and peers can confirm the legitimacy of each release. Anyone can search IDBLM for free, and sign up is not required.

Seal of Authenticity
The IDBLM Seal of Authenticity is a badge that indicates inclusion in the IDBLM database, and that music licensing has been obtained and verified. Each Seal includes a unique ID, and links directly to the proof of licensing when clicked, or when scanned with a smart phone (using QR code technology). Artists that file with IDBLM may display the Seal with their music, online, and in print.

How to File
Artists may file through any IDBLM authorized music licensing agency or publisher. Proof of licensing and a filing fee of $50.00 is all that is required.
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